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PhysiQ Body Contouring

A Paradigm Shift in Body Contouring:
Introducing PhysiQ® Technology

At Virginia Wellness Group, we continually seek to provide the most advanced and effective solutions for our clients. Recognizing that some body challenges persist despite a dedicated exercise and diet regimen, we have embraced the transformative power of PhysiQ Body Contouring. This remarkable treatment is not just an addition, but a vital enhancement to our acclaimed Weight Loss Programs.

The Power of PhysiQ® Unleashed

PhysiQ® isn’t your typical body contouring solution. With the ability to utilize four applicators simultaneously, this technology is designed to target those stubborn areas where traditional methods might fall short. It’s the meticulous precision of PhysiQ® that ensures every session brings you a step closer to your desired physique.

PhysiQ Body Contouring


Targeted Precision

With its multi-applicator design, PhysiQ® offers targeted treatment for stubborn areas that resist traditional weight loss efforts.

No Downtime

Step out of the session and straight into your daily routine. PhysiQ ensures no interruptions to your lifestyle.

Fast and Efficient

Time is precious, and PhysiQ's quick sessions mean you get profound results without a significant time commitment.

Enhanced Natural Appearance

Achieve a toned and sculpted look that feels natural, ensuring the changes harmonize with your overall physique.

Safe and Non-Invasive

Experience the power of advanced body contouring without incisions, pain, or any associated risks.

Perfect Complement

When combined with our weight loss programs, PhysiQ takes results to the next level, ensuring holistic body transformation.

How It Works

How PhysiQ® Transforms and Tones

The simultaneous use of four applicators ensures a comprehensive treatment, targeting multiple problem areas in a single session.

The efficiency of PhysiQ® means treatments are not only effective but also swift, fitting seamlessly into busy schedules.

Experience a pronounced difference with results optimized for consistency, ensuring that the changes are both noticeable and natural-looking.

PhysiQ’s non-invasive procedure guarantees a relaxed experience, akin to a spa treatment, devoid of any discomfort.

PhysiQ body Contouring Before and After images 

Real People. Real Results.

About PhysiQ Body Contouring

Frequently Asked Questions

PhysiQ® uniquely uses four applicators simultaneously, targeting multiple stubborn areas efficiently in one session.

No, PhysiQ® treatments are non-invasive, allowing clients to return to their daily activities immediately after.

While session duration can vary based on individual needs, PhysiQ® is designed for rapid, efficient treatments that accommodate busy schedules.

Absolutely. PhysiQ® is a trusted, non-invasive body contouring solution that prioritizes client safety and comfort.

While many clients see changes after just one session, a series of treatments is often recommended for optimal results. A tailored plan will be provided during consultation.

Yes, in fact, PhysiQ® perfectly complements our weight loss programs, amplifying the effects and ensuring comprehensive body transformation.

Anyone seeking to address stubborn areas resistant to diet and exercise can benefit from PhysiQ®. However, a consultation is always recommended to tailor the treatment to individual needs.

PhysiQ® delivers lasting results, especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle. However, individual experiences may vary, and periodic maintenance sessions might be advised.

Embark on a Tailored Body Transformation Journey.

Your aspirations of a contoured, toned physique are within reach. Embrace the cutting-edge solution that is PhysiQ® at Virginia Wellness Group.

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Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. It’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any weight loss program. Virginia Wellness Group operates under strict medical and ethical guidelines to ensure your safety and satisfaction.