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Weight Loss Programs

There’s a shocking truth hidden beneath the glitz and glamour associated with many of today’s most popular weight loss options:

The cost is outrageous! Most consumers are completely unaware of the costs that come with popular programs like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and Medifast. That’s because most of these popular programs don’t want you to know the true costs until you’ve already committed!

Even more shocking is the fact that most insurance companies don’t cover the cost of weight loss programs. That’s because most insurance companies view weight loss efforts to be “elective” procedures, and that means their costs are typically not covered under most plans.

Having to pay out of pocket directly impacts your household budget, so it’s extremely critical that your weight loss program is the most cost-effective program out there. Thanks to the recent FDA approval of a new class of weight loss medication, it is now easier and less expensive than other traditional options!


Today's Popular Weight Loss Options

The below are today’s most popular weight loss options and how much they cost.  With our doctor-prescribed weight loss programs, you will save hundreds and thousands of dollars.  Apply to Cherry Financing above, get treatment now and pay later.

Medical Consult

Regular consultations with a nutritionist or dietician.

$800 - $1,000+ per month ​

Diet Programs

Popular weight loss programs such as Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem or Medifast

$1,000+ per month ​

Other Methods

Fat-freezing and body contouring treatments.

$5,000 - $10,000 and Up ​

Major Surgery

Weight loss surgery like gastric bypass, gastric banding or stomach stapling

$25,000 and Up ​

Virginia Wellness Group is here to help you build a better future for yourself. During your consultation, we will go over a customized plan to fit your individual needs.